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Experience the Marvel of a Super Dog

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Unlock Your Dog’s Superhero Potential

We believe that every dog has the potential to be a superhero. With our exceptional training, walking, and behavior therapy services, we are dedicated to unlocking that hidden power within your furry friend. Our experienced professionals understand that each dog is unique, with their own strengths and abilities waiting to be discovered.

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A personalised approach

We tailor our methods to suit your dog’s specific needs, ensuring a transformative experience. Whether it’s teaching them impressive tricks, helping them overcome behavioral challenges, or simply providing enriching walks, we are committed to empowering your canine companion. Join us on this extraordinary journey, and together, let’s unleash your dog’s superhero potential.

Transforming Canines into Super Dogs: Unmatched Training, Walking, and Behavior Therapy Services

Elevate Your Pup to Super Dog Status with our Expert Training and Walking Services

Dog Behaviour

Resolve complex behavioral issues and improve your dog's emotional well-being through effective and compassionate behavior therapy designed to address specific challenges.

Dog Training

Expert staff help your canine companion master obedience, overcome behavioural challenges, and unlock their full potential while socialising with others.

Dog Walking

Exploring the picturesque landscapes of Devon while treating your furry friend to invigorating dog walks amidst stunning coastal paths and tranquil countryside trails.


Dog Care

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Behaviour & Training

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What our customers have to say

Lou Ryder

Both Clarke and Jo made me feel so comfortable and relaxed about parting with my fur babies for a night. Great service and fair prices, both pups are already booked in again for future!

Peter Tregidgo

Unbelievable dog lover. He's looked after jezz for about 5yrs and adores him. No one better in the world that I'd trust with my dog. Many more years of jezz being happy with the pack

Bernice Woodhead

Great service Clarke...Ruby is so lucky to be out with you and her other doggy friends...You always give 110%

Julie Sum

Mog is always well looked after by Superdog services. He loves his walks and meeting his new buddies!

Nicky Mills

My Hooch ADORES clarke and he is my first call on anything doggy related highly recommend

Simon Ramsey

Clarke is the best there is. He has taken great care of both our enormous Ridgebacks. He had them both from very early stages of there life and has rounded them into a mans best friend. We dont know what we would do without him.

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